• Online Gambling third party watchdogs (GPWA, eCOGRA etc.)
Online Casino Third Party Watchdogs

independent watchdog organisations, regulators of the industry

One way to find out more about online casinos and sites promoting online gambling respectively is to look out for some sort of seal from "Third Party Watchdogs" on their website. These are independent companies or associations that made it their business to offer players an extra level of protection by reviewing such sites. These watchdog organizations have their own gaming standards and generally proclaim a set of good practices its members have to adhere to if they want to remain partners.

On this page we will give you an overview of gambling watchdog organizations that are designed to self-regulate the online gambling industry. There are many of these organizations, but we will only focus on the ones that have a good track record, are well respected and widely used as housekeeping seals throughout the online gambling industry.

Most popular Gambling Watchdogs

All gambling websites that carry one of these seals satisfy certain requirements, such as fast payouts, secure transactions, random games and fair play. If a website doesn’t have any of these seals does not automatically mean they are not safe. There are a lot of reputable casinos and gambling sites which simply don’t care about these watchdog seals. But if you do see one of these seals on a site it means an additional plus for this casino.

Other independent players & casino portal watchdogs

There are other watchdog seals based on private players' and casino portal operators' independent observations. Some of these gambling portals have dedicated teams that register as real players at a casino to find out about things, such as their service, gameplay, payouts, bonus rules and easy to understand terms and conditions. These independent reviews should not be underestimated. Since to the casino everybody looks like an ordinary player they can't tell whether they are being reviewed. These random evaluations can give revealing information about a casino.

NOTE: Any seals of approval on an online gambling site are a good sign, but If you are not sure about a seal you'd better check and make sure it has a legitimate and trustworthy background.