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Since their inception in 1994 Microgaming has had several builds of their software and has refined to build the perfect solution for today's current market. Currently the Microgaming software suite is in the Viper release which was launched in January of 2004.

All casinos powered by Microgaming Viper software come with added bonuses and benefits to the older versions of their software. These new features include auto play and an expanded game help and top section to get help should you not fully understand how to play a game.

Other new features included in the Viper suite release are game statistics and strategies that can now be accessed directly from the software suite. For example, you could use the strategies section in the blackjack games, which allows you to set blackjack to optimal strategy and set the software to auto play while you go and do something else. Chances are that, when you come back to your computer your bankroll went up without you doing anything.

The most striking feature of the new Viper Microgaming software, though, is that they can easily add new games to the suite and do so on a regular basis. Microgaming adds about 3 new games to their online casinos on a monthly basis, so there is always something fresh and new out there for you to play.

Obviously players have their favourites, but Microgaming software is well ahead in terms of popularity. Their games choice is huge (200+), the GUI is superb, but equally if not more importantly they are, along with Cryptologic, well known for regulaing their licencees strictly and effectively - they charge them a small fortune too!