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Online Payment Methods

Verification process

In order to establish your identity with the eWallet payment service you need to undergo a verification process. This is done to increase security and to protect both parties against fraud.

Unless you confirm that you are who you say you are you only will have limited access to your account and are restricted by a maximum sending limit. Once you have reached this limit you are only allowed to continue to send any money if you get verified. This might not be an issue if you only want to receive money, though.

The Verification process varies by country or region and service. For example, with PayPal in the United States, a verified member would have added and confirmed a bank account with them. In Germany, a verified member needs to complete a bank transfer or the Expanded Use Process and in most other countries or regions where PayPal is available, a Verified member has added a credit card and completed the Expanded Use process.

Confirmation by phone

If you want to lift your limited access you might need to confirm your location by phone. You can specify your phone number along with a time you want to receive the call online (this telephone number must be valid and match your address). You will then be redirected to the confirm location by phone page, which displays your 4-digit phone confirmation PIN. Write down your PIN or print the page. You will receive a phone call, usually automated, and you'll be asked to enter your phone confirmation PIN. After completing the whole process you'll receive an e-mail with your phone confirmation results. This may all sound very complicated, but actually is very easy and only takes a few minutes.

Certifying your bank account

Certifying your bank account is another way to remove the imposed restrictions on your account. You will receive two very small random deposits into your bank account, generally between $0.01 USD and $0.99 USD. After your bank registers these transactions, this usually takes two to three business days, you enter the amounts on a "Verify Your Bank Account" page. If the amounts are correct, your bank account will be confirmed and you are good to go.

Proof of identity via passport

In some cases you are required to provide a copy of your passport or ID card as a means to verifiy your identity. I remember that FirePay (shut down in December, 2007) asked me for a copy of my passport and also my unique ID number that can be found on it. This was a long time ago and might have changed now.