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Online Payment Methods

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Online shopping as well as online gambling provides consumers with a quick and easy alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar venues. Since you can not pay with cash online, other payment methods had to be established. In our case each casino will have its own accepted payment methods. While in the prehistoric days of online gambling Visa and MasterCard were the only choices to fund your casino accounts, things have changed, and all sorts of eWallett solutions have evolved. If you want to know more about a certain payment method, please refer to our list on the left featuring the most common and most widely accepted online payment methods available today.

Casino account funding for US players

Since the passing of the UIGEA not all of those payment options are available to US citizens anymore. The latest US gambling ban pushed off many financial transaction processors (Credit card companies no longer approve transactions deemed to be casino related), leaving USA customers with limited number payment options. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most reliable online payment processors still available to US players.

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)

Credit cards still reign as the leading method of payment for online transactions, but a lot of other payment options are offered by an increasing number of businesses. In fact, not everybody might have a credit card and maybe can't or does not even want to get one because of fees and processing costs associated with it or other reasons. Also, some banks might not allow you to make purchases to certain websites with your credit card or vise versa, your credit card may not be accepted by some sites.

Many alternative methods are available that might actually be better suited to payments made over the internet. Processing costs are often lower and you minimize the risk of your details being passed on to third parties, as you only need to provide your bank details once when you set up your account and not to every single website again and again. All future payments can be sent and received without you having to reveal your credit card number or financial information any more.

Signing up for an eBanking service, also referred to as eWallet, is free and only takes a few minutes. They store your data for easy retrieval, so that you don't have to provide them every time you want to make a transaction. The best way to fund your online accounts are Electronic Funds Transfers. Instead of using your credit card, your money will be transfered directly from your bank account into your newly opened eWallet account (it's a bit like charging your mobile phone card).

The EFT process requires you to register your bank account with the eWallet service, which is a painless procedure and absolutely free. You are also required to verify your identity, which is a good sign and only shows that they take security seriously. You will surely appreciate these security measures. This can either be done by phone, by sending a copy of your passport or/and by certifying your bank account.