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Frequently Asked Questions

You have decided to get more information about online gambling. However, there are numerous games and sites and finding the correct answer to your questions can be quite a task. We have put together a list of answers to questions that might be of concern to you.

  • We are committed to responsible gambling and encourage our members to adopt responsible gambling practises.
  • In terms of winning or losing money there is no 100% guarantee, as the outcome is solely governed by the employed strategy and/or pure chance and luck respectively, no matter whether you play online or in a live casino. Even though the outcome defies your control, not so with the choice of online casinos. What you want are fair and regulated casinos with excellent support and promotions. Concerns about the safety of placing bets over the internet often make it difficult for people to pursue their curiosity to gamble online.

    As long as you keep to the gaming sites featured on AllCasinoGuide.de you can be assured it is very safe to gamble online. While the majority of casinos are regulated there are some which are not and it is always advisable to do some research, so you get the most out of your gambling experience.

    Here are a few simple points to observe before making a wager online:

    • Check if a site is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, an association set up to establish fair and responsible trade guidelines and practices that enhance consumer confidence in interactive gaming products, or if it has the blessing of its government.
    • Call the toll-free numbers and try the e-mail addresses listed at gambling sites to find out about customer service, response times and such. If you can't talk to a real person on the telephone the casino probably either has not got the financial background to facilitate live customer support or they are scrimpy and deem you not important enough to spend any money on. Either way, this is not the kind of casino you want to get involved with.
    • Lastly, maybe the most effective method to find out about a certain online casino is to explore the games on offer and to get a feel for the casino by testing your gambling skills before attempting any serious betting. Casino on Net, for example, lets you practice playing blackjack, video poker, roulette and other games before purchasing online gambling credits.

  • With so many online casinos sprouting up each day it is hard to know which are reputable and have good payouts. The casinos at AllCasinoGuide.de are ranked and have full reviews so that you do not start your online casino journey in the dark. There are good sites and not so good sites and it is not always easy to tell which is which. Of course, we will only recommend sites that we feel comfortable with ourselves and that have been approved. Online gambling is safe, as long as you stick to a few simple rules and take the proper precautions.

    Check for sites that have conducted independent audits and have received favourable feedback and reviews from their customers. These businesses are licensed and regulated just as any brick-and-mortar casino is. You may even find, that online casinos are indeed fairer than their land based counterparts, as there are no human factors involved that might have a negative impact on the quality of the shuffle, for example. All systems are thoroughly tested and many casinos do not even write or control the software they use. In many cases casinos deploy third party licensed gaming software, developed by network operators whose sole function is to ensure the integrity of the games. Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic are all examples of proven and technologically progressive brands that are well known in the online casino industry. The casinos reviewed on our site have been chosen in consideration of all these criteria.

  • This depends on the casino. While some may allow you to take the turn again, others will count that as a placed bet no matter what. When you sign up for your account, you acknowledge that you have read the casino rules (whether you actually did read them or not) and therefore you are legally bound to whatever rules they have regarding frozen computer wagers.
  • This subject is far too complex as to give you a definite or comprehensive analysis of the whole matter, not least because legislation is constantly changing and can be quite unclear at times. We are no lawyers and can only try to provide you with a broad picture in terms of of the main legal issues that might be of concern to you (the player) - anything else would simply go beyond the scope of this section. Even though regulations are unclear at times in respect to different localities and gambling activities, underage gambling is ALWAYS prohibited and more importantly, ignorance of the law should never be seen as an excuse to break it.

    So, to put it in a nutshell, yes in the majority of the countries around the world it is indeed perfectly legal for their citizens to gamble. We have never heard of a case where an individual was prosecuted for placing a wager online, regardless of their nationality or country of residence. Players have little to fear anyway, as this issue mostly concerns potential and existing owners and operators of gaming websites.

    Some juristictions have tried to ban certain types of online casino gambling, mainly because they would rather see their citizens spend money gambling where a profit is returned to the government as a means to raise revenue in addition to taxes, as in national lotteries. This is why some gambling web site provider operate offshore in places such as the Caribbean, Latin America and Australia. But if you are worried about the legality of online gambling where you reside, you can always ask a competent lawyer for advice.

  • In this case simply contact the casino and tell them about your problem. If you're honest and truly did not get your money, they will assist you. Beware though that lots of players claim not to have received their money in an effort to cheat, so the casino will try to trace the payment first. This may delay your payment, but all reputable and honest online casinos will make every effort to get you what is rightfully (and legally) yours. If you stick to the casinos reviewed on our site you should never have any problems with delayed payouts.
  • Cashable bonus means that after you "playthrough" your deposit and bonus a certain number of times, you can cashout the bonus plus your deposit and your winnings. NON Cashable bonus or sticky bonus means you can not cashout the bonus you received when you win.
  • VIP Programs are similar to Loyalty Programs, but are usually reserved for high rollers or players who have been playing a long time and have spent a lot of money. As a VIP you usually get access to lots of extra bonuses and comp points usually increase with VIP status.
  • Basically any game you can think of, just name it and there is a very good chance you will find it. Online casinos are in the position to offer a wider range of games than most live casinos can. They are not bound to physical space and don't have the costs associated with owning and renting a property. Internet casinos can virtually offer any game ever invented and allow for new ones you may not even have heard of much quicker. For a detailed list of games visit our games section.
  • There are basically two types of internet casinos:
    • The casinos that require you to download a free program are usually the most fun to play, but you will have the application on your hard drive, which means you have to wait for the program to download from the Internet first and then install it on your computer. Once on your computer, these programs typically offer great graphics, sound and animation.
    • The second type are casinos using JAVA instead of a downloadable program. These JAVA applets (little programs) run through your web browser. Many of these casinos offer sound and animation, and all of them offer some pretty good graphics.
  • By and large, you have little to fear. We have downloaded the software from every gaming business featured on our site and there where no indications of any risks, such as viruses, malware, spyware or anything else that could possibly damage or corrupt your computer.

    Casinos are in business to make money and most of them do this very well, but only because they are anxious to keep their loyal customers and want to gain new money players respectively. One of the first concerns new players have is security, therefore security is one of the most important issues that any reputable casino sets great value on. If they were to be sloppy they'd soon run out of business.

    Nevertheless, whenever you are online always make sure to have an up-to-date anti-virus/internet security program installed on your computer. P articipation in online casinos and online gambling is relatively safe compared to other internet applications, but still should be accounted for. This gives you the piece of mind to be protected against any possibility of downloading corrupt software.