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Roulette Strategies - real Roulette wheels vs. Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the easiest casino games to learn and enjoys world-wide popularity. As far as strategies go it is just naturally that people have been devising all sorts of systems in an attempt to beat the odds of certain games. Roulette is no exception and ever since its invention there have been plenty of "spin-doctors" around who say their strategy is the best, but fact is that Roulette is a game of chance and governed by "rules" we can't comprehend.

1. traditional roulette (wheels) in brick and mortar casinos

For example, it does not matter if the number 13 hasn't come up in the last one hundred spins, the odds of this number coming up next time are still the same as for any other number. To keep it that way casinos monitor their wheels for performance and if needed rebalance and realign them.

Even if the croupier spun the ball in a special way (this would certainly influence the outcome) it still would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to predict its final position. The Roulette wheel does not know what it is doing and whether a certain number has come up already or not. Of course, there are statistics about the likelyhood and frequency of certain numbers coming up, but there is still a chance that these statistics won't hold true when you spin the wheel. It's a game of chance and you should always keep this in mind when playing.

2. online casino Roulette

In terms of online casinos a piece of software called Random Number Generator (RNG) needs to simulate these random numbers. Compared to a real roulette wheel your chances of winning are much better at online casinos where the wheel is spun by a virtual croupier.

Online casinos obviously go to great lenghts to make sure that when you "spin" the wheel the outcome is as random as possible. However, the problem with computers is that they are not as good at producing random numbers as their real life counterparts. They are deterministic machines that work not random at all, but according to a plan and do whatever they where programmed to do. Some people believe that there are flaws in certain algorithms used to "spin" your wheel, that can be exploited and give you an advantage.

3. Online Roulette strategies, can you outwit the software?

Betting strategies are likely to succeed for a time and the key is to know when to stop.

The casino has the house advantage no matter when or how much is wagered, but as long as you quit early enough your chances are pretty good to come out as a winner. If you get too greedy and carry on for too long at the same table you run the risk of losing at some point.

As mentioned above, the house has the edge and its only a matter of time when you loose, but you can shift the advantage to your own favour if you apply certain rules and know when to quit.

Online roulette wheels emulate its real live counterparts by using a software. Therefore its not too far fetched to assume that this software may have little flaws and quirks that need constant tweaking, which can be exploited for your own benefit. This might have changed now, but when I played I had the feeling that it was easier to win at the roulette tables at the beginning compared to when my bankroll and my bets went up. This may very well have been a coincident, but this certainly helped to increase my bankroll conciderably and make enough profit, which again helped me at a later stage.

4. Well known Roulette strategies

In any case, it might be worth trying out the following strategies. These strategies are nothing new and most of the more experienced players among you may have heard of one or the other strategy already. You may have even utilized one of them instinctively without knowing it to be an actual strategy. Before you start you obviously need to know the roulette rules.

Basically, all the featured types of betting systems could also be outlined by calling them "strategies for betting the casino's money". Of course, this is not entirely true, as you are betting your own money. However, you need to consider how you got that money in the first place.

If you compare casino bonus offers and promotions you are sure to find good sites that give away free money as incentive for you to gamble. This is money you did not have when you came and it took no real effort to get it. Its free! If you only play with that money, then the worst that can happen is that you break even and are back to square one OR you may make some real money.

4.1. Progression betting systems

Except for the "Dopey Experiment" all the discussed roulette strategies are so called progression betting systems. They involve "when" and "how much" to raise or lower your bet sizes after losing or winning a wager. Progression betting systems take either a positive or negative approach. The negative progression betting systems requires you to increase bet sizes after a loss whereas the positive approach will generally increase bet sizes after a win. Negative progression betting systems are sometimes refered to as loss recovery systems, that generally can give you a profit without having to win more than 50% of the time. Both negative and positive progression systems inherently increase your bankroll volatility and therefore should not be seen as means to eliminate risk entirely over the long run.

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