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Online Payment Methods

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In the era of online banking, credit card purchases over the internet and state of the art encryption these services won't fall short of any other traditional banks. Nowadays all of your bank details are being stored on computers anyway and it's probably more likely that a bank actually gets physically robbed than somebody getting through to your account details using a computer.

Of course, you have to act responsibly yourself as well and adhere to a few simple rules. Like when you withdraw money from your bank and protect your PIN, with online transactions you need to keep your passwords save, always use current anti-virus software on your computer and most importantly, only choose funding services that have a good reputation.

If you are a particularly paranoid person, then for your piece of mind you could set up a completely new account at your bank, that you use exclusively with any of the following funding services. Keep a little money in your account, so it won't get closed and whenever you want to cashout, transfer the amount to your principal account. Likewise, when you want to deposit money, for example, into your casino account just transfer the amount from your "proper" principal account to your "special" secondary account.

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Electronic funds transfer services are accepted by a wide range of online ventures, but not every website supports the same kind of payment methods throughout. There might be for example, a great partner program or online casino you would like to join only to find that they have not included the service you have an account with. In this case you need at least two different accounts to be able to cover a wider range of programs. Some sites offer alternative ways and individual solutions for transfering your funds, but you will have to contact them and a decision is made on a case by case basis.

When it comes to playing at online casinos or joining an affiliate program the most convenient way to deposit and withdraw funds is to use an e-wallet service. There are certainly a great many services, but it would simply go beyond the scope of this article to explain them all in detail. Therefore we will briefly mention them at the end and confine ourselves to only elaborating on the e-wallet services that worked best for us and are, in our opinion, the most popular choices.