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Poker Glossary

More than 162 Poker terms & expressions

If you are new to the world of online Poker, the wealth of Poker related terminology might be a bit overwhelming at first. For that reason we have compiled this glossary. This list is not exhaustive, but we aim to provide you with a comprehensive reference that explains interesting and colorful internet terminology you are likely to encounter in the online casino world. Although it's not essential for you to be familiar with all these terms in order to play the game, they're still good to know.

  • Rag, Rags
    A useless card or cards in online Poker.
  • Rainbow
    Used to describe cards of all different suits.
  • Rake
    Money taken by the house to compensate for expenses.
  • Re-Raise
    Putting in another bet on top of a previous raise or raises.
  • Rebuy
    An online Poker tournament option where players can purchase more chips after going below a certain amount or after losing all of their chips.
  • River
    The fifth and last community card dealt face up in an online Texas Holdem game.
  • Rock
    A passive, tight player.
  • Royal Flush
    The highest ranking hand. Having a straight 10 to Ace of all the same suit.