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More than 162 Poker terms & expressions

If you are new to the world of online Poker, the wealth of Poker related terminology might be a bit overwhelming at first. For that reason we have compiled this glossary. This list is not exhaustive, but we aim to provide you with a comprehensive reference that explains interesting and colorful internet terminology you are likely to encounter in the online casino world. Although it's not essential for you to be familiar with all these terms in order to play the game, they're still good to know.

  • Late Position
    Being one of the last to act in a betting round in an online Poker. Usually an advantage.
  • Limit
    The type of betting in a game; online Limit Texas Holdem, online No-limit Texas Holdem.
  • Live Blind
    A forced bet put in by one or more players before any cards are dealt. The "live" part means, that those players still have the option of raising when the action gets back around to them.
  • Live Game
    A game where you are physically near the other players.
  • Live Hand
    An active hand. One that has not folded.
  • Loose
    A loose Player plays a lot of hands and is often either a maniac or a calling station.
  • Low Limit
    A game where the amounts wagered are small.
  • Lowball
    A draw game where the lowest hand wins.