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Online Casino Gambling Glossary

More than 141 gambling terms & expressions

For those of you just starting out online gambling, we have developed this comprehensive online casino gambling glossary to help you understand the most widely used terms and definitions in the online gambling world. Of course, it is not essential to be familiar with all these terms in order to play, but they're still good to know. Have fun.

  • Icon [Slots]
    In Slots, another term for the symbols that fall upon the paylines and can win you prizes. More often than not, matching identical icons will drop prizes. Icons will vary in frequency, appearance and value at different slot machines.
  • Impair
    (French) meaning odd of a number. 3 est un nombre impair - 3 is an odd number.
  • Inside Bet [Roulette]
    A bet placed on any individual number located on the inside of the table layout, including zero and double zero (also see outside bet). For more information visit our roulette rules page.
  • InterCasino
    One of the oldest Online Casinos in the industry, that has been around since 1996. InterCasino provides access to the best and most entertaining online casino games on the Internet such as Slots, Poker, Blackjack and much more.
  • Intuition
    Instinctive knowledge of or belief about something without conscious reasoning.
  • Irregular Playing Patterns
    This generally refers to what is known as "bonus abuse". Online casinos offering bonuses usually require the player to play a certain number of spins/hands, or wager a certain amount of cash to qualify for the bonus (also see playthrough requirements). Irregular betting patterns are signs of players who are not playing regularly (i.e. to win money) but are trying to meet those requirements with minimal risk of losing money by employing various strategies in order to claim the bonuses.