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Online Casino Gambling Glossary

More than 141 gambling terms & expressions

For those of you just starting out online gambling, we have developed this comprehensive online casino gambling glossary to help you understand the most widely used terms and definitions in the online gambling world. Of course, it is not essential to be familiar with all these terms in order to play, but they're still good to know. Have fun.

  • Martingale System
    Betting system where players double their bet after a loss. For more information see Roulette Martingale Strategy on our site.
  • Maximum Bet
    The highest bet you are allowed to make at a casino. In slot machines, the maximum amount can be wagered by pressing a button that lets you bet the maximum coin size and the maximum number of coins taking into account the total number of paylines.
  • Multi Player Casino
    A feature offered by online casinos that lets you play against other players.
  • Multiplier [Slots]
    In slots, this is a way to multiplicate your winnings! Multipliers are usually triggered through icons or combinations that make your prize bigger than it would normally be, for example using a wild symbol to construct a winning combination (also see Scatter Symbol).